Imagine if you wanted to reconnect with yourself where would you go?  We decided to go to Nepal last year to do just that.  High up in the mountains, surrounded by rice terraces, gentle and generous people, outstanding views and the presence of the Himalaya mountains became our extraordinary home for 40 days.

One of the most significant and life changing gifts was   ‘t i m e  and  s p a c e’.   The value of this ran deep.  We were blessed to be in a place where everything was taken care; allowing us to gently fall into this land’s caress, a feeling of ‘being held’.  From our very first day, I practiced one, two, or sometimes even three shavasanas (corpse / relaxation pose).  I was surprised to feel just how much I craved ‘space’ to stop. . . and how much my nervous system was running. The consistent quietness of our surroundings with the pressure gauge of time removed, provided the ‘space’ to relax. It was revealing to witness the extent to which body, and mind, were ‘on’!  It is often when you come to conscious relaxation and letting go, that you begin to touch how much you can be holding. Thus allowing the ripples of constant familiar thought and activity settle. . . . like letting the water seep between grains of sand or a tightly bound ball of string to unravel. . . gently and effortlessly.  My intention to be present, opened into a sense of inner spaciousness.  How rare it is that we give ourselves this gift. Yet such a simple thing to allow oneself in this lifetime.  

“High up in the foothills of the Himalayas we were reminded of the closeness of spirit of  oneself – a rarefied atmosphere, conducive for reflection and connection.” John Tarasin

With the generosity of time, yoga, meditation . .  and simply being in this space, I began to feel my body and mind, settle and calm. . . my breath able to seep and penetrate more deeply. Programmed patterns of holding could reveal themselves, tensions began to soften and spacious ease arise.  And with this, JOY, lightness and renewed appreciation.  Conscious relaxation is essential for adrenal glands to rest, recharge and recognise – and a safe space to recognise don’t need to be ‘on’!  Adrenal glands are entwined with our ‘inner driver’, patterns of survival and stress. They’re an essential organ in the body, part of the endocrine / hormonal system, connected with kidney function and the nervous system (restless, wiry and anxious).  Their good health benefits greatly from some time out. And I could feel them slow down, calm and relax.  A feeling of opening the door and letting the breeze come through.  And from here the space to observe, reassess and reset.

“Days fell into an easy effortless rhythm of early morning meditation and yoga, breakfast outside with views of the Himalayas, a sit in the rice terraces gazing timelessly at the griffin vultures flying above. Timeless walks surrounded by stunning scenery and quiet traditional living. . . pre lunch yoga, a rest in the hammock. . . writing, picking chamomile . . . and on and on the rhythm held us.  And into this warm rhythm we relaxed, connected and came home.”

This pleasure was a like a joyful simple gift, so familiar yet so covered. Days free of agenda meant I could drink in the experience, held in the wonderment and gentle magic of this place. It can often feel this way when you reconnect and ‘come home to yourself’, and simply be with who you are. Incredibly uneventful, natural, normal even. . .  perhaps a light spacious freedom and simple joy.

It’s nearly impossible to create space and consider your life, yourself, when you’re living day to day responsibilities. A designated place that gives ‘time and space’  are essential to open up the gift inner spaciousness to be experienced.  During retreat, we were held within the soft rhythm of eco lodge, rural surrounds, majestic mountains and traditional mountain people. A place where stepping back in time and into the spaciousness of time – was possible.

Nurtured in the simple luxury, where everything is totally taken care of – with a smile and a song.