The Space of Time

Imagine if you wanted to reconnect with yourself and reset just where you are. . . .
Imagine what a place would have to look like in order to want to do this. . . to facilitate this . . . Well here it is 
Nepal the birthplace of Buddha

“High up in the foothills of the Himalayas we were reminded of the closeness of spirit of  oneself – a rarefied atmosphere, conducive for

reflection and connection.” John Tarasin

One of the most significant life changing gifts of our Nepal retreat was   t i m e  and  s p a c e.  The value of this ran deep.  Being in a place where everything is taken care of supports the sense of ‘being held’ in time and space.  From our first retreat day one, two, or sometimes three, shavasanas (corpse pose) featured in my day!  I was surprised at how much I could feel my nervous system running.  I think the real quiet and that I had nothing I had to do gave scope to hear just how much it was on. .?  It’s usually the case, that it’s only when you come into a restorative pose and bring attention to letting go that you begin to touch how much you’re holding.

Often a walk can have a pace or agenda. Here there was scope to walk as slow or fast as I liked. For as long as I liked. It could be a quiet meditative walk; it could be a faster aerobic walk. Either way there was space, stunning views, traditional living and quiet all around me. And no clock ticking. And no shopping to do. And no meals to prepare. Freshly cooked samosas were being prepared for me whilst I was out walking.  Returning with time to sit, eat and digest. . . which is more significant than one may initially think. Yet so many of our dis-ease states arise from stress and feeling time poor. Time truly is a significant gift

With the generosity of time, and daily practice, I began to feel my body, my mind settle and calm. I could feel my breath seep and penetrate more deeply into my body. . . . Areas of holding and tension began to soften with breath, tensions dissolve with new space and ease arising. Many breaths out to, ‘put down’ and let go. . of programmed patterns of holding.  Time, conscious relaxation is essential for adrenal glands to rest and recharge, even recognise they don’t need to be ‘on’!  Adrenal glands are often entwined with our ‘inner driver’, patterns of survival  – which rarely give us the and latitude to ‘stop’ – and stress. An essential organ in the body, part of the endocrine / hormonal system and affect many metabolic processes, kidney function and nervous system, their good health benefits greatly from some time out. And I could feel them slow down, calm and relax.

 It felt like opening the door to the room of you held tightly and letting the breeze come through. It also allows appreciation. And from here the space to stand back and observe, reassess and reset.

Days fell into an easy effortless rhythm of early morning meditation, breakfast outside with views of the Himalayas, a sit in the rice terraces gazing timelessly at the griffin vultures flying above, pre lunch yoga, a rest in the hammock. . . writing, picking chamomile . . . and on and on the rhythm held us.
And into this warm rhythm we relaxed, connected and came home.

This pleasure was a like a joyful simple gift, so familiar yet so covered. Days free of agenda meant I could drink in and experience, held in the wonderment and gentle magic of this place. It can often feel this way when you reconnect and ‘come home to yourself’, and simply be with who you are. Incredibly uneventful, natural, normal even. . .  perhaps a light spacious freedom and simple joy.

It’s nearly impossible to step back and consider your life and yourself, when you’re living day to day responsibilities and commitments.  A designated place, time and space are essential really for allowing the benefit of time and space to be experienced – and integrated.  During retreat, we where held within the soft rhythm of eco lodge, rural surrounds, majestic mountains and traditional mountain people. A place where everything is taken care of and so stepping back in time – and into the spaciousness of time – was possible.

Nurtured in the simple luxury, where everything is totally taken care of – with a smile and a song.