Kiss the Ground is a brilliant, inspiring and vital film of our time. A film that reveals an easy and viable solution to our climate crisis right under our feet.

We need quality soil for the planet, for plants and for people.

From a health and wellbeing perspective, quality soil is an essential ingredient for alive healthy food. You cannot grow vital nutrient rich food crops from chemically saturated, pesticide and herbicide filled, ‘depleted of any goodness soils’ = empty dirt.

Excellently made, Kiss the Ground is a film that brings the earth into your lounge room. An informative wake up that clearly shows how food is farmed, how the soil is damaged and depleted, how this affects the planet to a tragic degree, and ultimately the health of us all – plants, people and planet. Will it be revived or continue to decline?

If GMO is a word but doesn’t mean much to you, watch this film to discover some of the toxic chemicals sprayed on food (and it’s not just GMO). What exactly it is you eat with your carrot or broccoli? A concoction of pesticides, herbicides and the damaging toxic carcinogenic glyphosate. When you see the protective clothing pesticide spray workers use you may think twice.

Especially when it comes to foods we eat, our health, our families health and the ongoing health of the planet. This does affect you, me, your kids, your mum and dad, your everyone.

At the moment GMO chemicals are not allowed in the production of organic or biodynamic foods, so choose these where possible (more on these another time).

Begin with even simple questions to learn about where your food is grown and gathered.

Plants people planet. We all matter, we are all intrinsically linked and right now plants and planet depend on us making different decisions. And in turn, these decisions come right back to the quality of food we eat and our own health and wellbeing – on all levels.

You can make a difference towards a groundswell of restoration. Of restoring a nourished planet, a healthful food supply that benefits you – and gives back to the planet. Happy cycle.

Now more than ever it is time.

Kiss The Ground on Netflix