Lucy:  “experienced and expert yoga instructor, past practitioner of herbal medicine, teacher of organic vegetarian cooking culminate in her integrated

and holistic approach to living life. You can see this expressed in her genuine and enthusiastic energy.”


Lucy’s fascination in food and health began during teenage years, walking home from school via the health store to buy nuts, seeds and berries. Drawn to real foods that nourish and as close to their natural state, choosing ‘real’ whole foods that nourish and nurture our whole human experience, physically, mentally and emotionally . . . and spiritually.

Lucy began practicing yoga in 1987 whilst travelling in Australia and 2004 completed yoga teacher training with IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association).

Well regarded in the Avalon community (Sydney’s Northern Beaches) Lucy taught group yoga classes at the community centre and local studios, specific group classes for teenage boys and teenage girls, and many private clients.  As a result of experiencing back issues, Lucy was pioneering in developing remedial yoga classes, providing a valuable service for those with illness or injury.

Combining yoga, and her experience in food and nutrition, she has taught a range or yoga workshops, cooking workshops and retreat days that combined the nourishment of yoga and whole food vegetarian cooking.  She has been a guest teacher at a luxury spa resort in Thailand, tailoring practice to guests specific needs.  Lucy’s love of travel and the great outdoors inspires her retreats, both within Australia and internationally, that focus on extraordinary locations, excellent nourishing and delicious foods, yoga and meditation that create a whole inspired living experience. 

Currently Lucy is writing and photographing a very special whole food vegetarian cookbook. A book that brings together the recipes that fed her sons growing from boys to young men; Miles @thespacebetweenthethoughts and Letty (Lliam) @lettymortensen.  It is about real, authentic and nourishing recipes that share the story of how real food provided nourishment and connection during life shared as well as set up strong foundations for holistic health and wellbeing. The book also includes recipes taught at yoga and cooking workshops

 In great joyful love,

Lucy x