Lucy is widely acknowledged for her intelligent and explorative approach to asana. With a focus on physical alignment and the movement of energy in the body, Lucy will guide you to develop a balance of strength and surrender in your practice, and more valuably to contact your own intelligence in developing your yoga practice. Awareness to the breath is of course integrated throughout each practice.

Lucy has practiced yoga for 30+ years and been teaching since 2004; teaching traditional Hatha yoga. She effortlessly integrates an insightful and thorough knowledge of asana and its relevance to the body at a very accessible level to each student. Her understanding of the interplay between muscles in postures is related effortlessly through insightful corrections that bring about an intelligent conversation between ‘holding and release’. This creates a balance of strength and flexibility, challenge and ease. A rare offering in yoga instructors.

“There is both fluidity of movement and holding postures to explore and build awareness, strength and flexibility.”

Students are challenged according to their level of experience and practice. Lucy has an in-depth knowledge and experience in remedial yoga therapy and is adept at giving variations in postures to accommodate different levels of yoga practice and any areas of injury. This guides you to develop an intelligent and accessible yoga practice.

Insight gained from years of grounded meditation and spiritual work support the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of living life into her teaching.

“Guiding an enquiry that develops awareness and allows the practice to evolve and stay alive.”

Lucy views yoga as one of the most health supporting practices we can develop for ourselves.

Living in Sydney with her partner, Lucy completed a 40 day personal meditation, enquiry and yoga retreat earlier this year in Nepal. It was from this special experience that the Nepal Living Yoga Retreat in March 2020 was born.

Namasté, Lucy