Come on a journey of a day on Retreat in Nepal with me. . . . it’s a special place where we inspired our spirits at the top of a mountain amidst the song of traditional village living, and the magnificent presence of the Himalayas.

Yoga on Retreat at this traditional eco lodge in the mountains of Nepal is a supremely magical experience. There is an abundance of goodness that contributes to this magic, including the brilliant group that shared in this journey – thank you;  there’s eco village lodge itself, the generous hospitality received from our friendly eco-lodge host family, the charm and traditional living culture of the village, freshly made delicious Nepalese meals, the rhythm of twice daily yoga, spacious time to relax and walk in the surrounding village, jungle and rice terraces; and of course, the incredible location facing three ranges of the Himalayas that captivate your gaze with gratitude and wonder.  Days merge into a gentle rhythm with yoga, time in nature and all that remains is to rest, relax and embrace this incredible and enriching retreat experience.


Awaking to the sounds of birds and usually the changing colours of the sky. . . every time was worth arising early, putting on layers of clothes and swiftly step outside to witness the magic of the first sunlight on the mountains!!  Mesmerising every time, we’d gaze in awe captivated by the incredible grandeur and beauty of the Himalayas.


Each morning we welcomed the brilliance a new day with a warming eco tea; a homegrown and organic blend of lemongrass, chamomile, cinnamon leaf and stevia – fragrant and delicious. If it was a clear day, which mostly it was, we’d start to ‘sway and shake’ hands, arms, legs, shoulders . . awakening movement and vibrational bodies, as well as warming up!  And then we’d sit. Sit and meditate in the sheer presence and glory of these mountains. Receiving the gift of breathing in such pure fresh air is a wonderful addition to the practice of  pranayama where you can literally feel the prana seeping into your body. Special. Yoga yoga yoga here, what can I say?! It’s magic. Energised and at peace with the world.


Masala chai and fresh coffee, grown and roasted right here at eco lodge, enjoyed in what became our favourite breakfast spot. Eco pancakes were generally my favourite; made with 3 local grains including millet and rice, with delicious local honey, and a fresh lassi made with curd courtesy of the two resident cows. There are ample breakfast choices to suit all palates, including any style eggs, potato curry and more.
And the pleasure of having time to savour the experience.


Fed and replenished, there’s a whole morning to discover walks in the jungle, around the village and rice terraces, witness to the quiet yet songful rhythm of traditional village living and farming. Or simply sit and take in the stunning surrounds of where you are.


Inspiring scenery enjoyed on a morning walk. We stopped a lot to stand in awe and grateful amazement at the extraordinary vista.


Smiling faces and scenes of traditional farming on the rice terraces surrounding eco lodge.


And then there was lunch.
Dahl Bhat is the main traditional meal in Nepal, a staple and each one slightly different. Always there is dahl, potato and vegetable curry, spinach, local rice and a delicious chutney. Eating a meal where most of the vegetables have been gathered fresh from the garden that morning is wonderful!  Moona made many of our meals, pictured here making fresh samosas, which are superb, and of which I ate many!


Afternoons were generally time to digest and rest.  Relaxing in the eco village garden, lying in the sunshine and taking in the bounty of where you are. Or help harvest fresh chamomile flowers (having worked as a herbalist it was incredible to discover such premium grade flowers) sharing in the ‘sound of song’ or a smile.


And then it’s time for yoga!! Afternoon yoga was in the spacious yoga shala. Often with views of the afternoon light changing on the mountains. A more mellow and tending towards restorative practice with a favourite of Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation.  We used props to cater for different bodies and what yogis on retreat were working with. . .  As with all the yoga I instruct, it’s about you and your journey to explore and immerse in the practice supporting a state of wellness as well as deepen your yoga practice.


And then we’d wander upstairs, sometimes to pause and take in the changing light on the mountains, hold a warming tea, sometimes a sunset to close the day reflecting the colours of the morning light.  Dinner; more delicious and nourishing food shared over warm conversation. One evening we had the joy of the ‘mothers group’ – women and children from the village who share their traditional Nepalese music. I’m not sure who was the entertainment because they certainly had some fun with us dancing!


And so it is. And so it was. A day on Retreat in Nepal.

I feel immensely grateful to have shared the retreat with a wonderful group of yogis, who’s good humour, grace and cheer contributed to such a special and memorable experience.

Once international travel resumes bookings will open for next year: 14 – 24th March 2021

If you would like to experience this magical Yoga Retreat in Nepal register your interest here!

Lucy x
ps. here’s a few more photos of these special days